St Cross College student joins 2023 Global Leadership Initiative

fergus linley mota

Fergus Linley-Mota, a student at St Cross College, was part of the 2023 Global Leadership Initiative offered by the University of Oxford. The Global Leadership Initiative is a flagship program of the University that empowers postgraduates to reach their full potential and develop as principled leaders. It aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of effective leadership within each individual's unique context and encourages the practical application of these principles throughout their leadership journey after graduating from Oxford. Over the course of seven months, this program nurtured Fergus's growth as a leader possessing both effectiveness and ethics, while contributing to the betterment of society and promoting the flourishing of others. 

Fergus studies MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy at St. Cross College and has a noteworthy background. Before commencing his studies at Oxford, he co-founded the Cities + Climate Initiative in Vancouver, Canada, an organization dedicated to facilitating dialogues among government leaders and civil society at various levels, aiming to enhance the integration of cities into Canada's climate plans.


During his time at Oxford, Fergus's research has focused on the involvement of local governments in shaping and participating in global governance. Fergus's dedication to climate action, democratic renewal, and international relations extends beyond his academic pursuits and into his personal and professional life. His endeavours have consistently revolved around driving significant change in these areas. Notably, Fergus has been honoured as a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the St. Gallen Symposium. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing football, engaging in music creation and appreciation, and exploring the world alongside his friends and family.