Dr Betty Raman leads new study on potential treatment for fatigue in long COVID patients

betty raman

St Cross Junior Research Fellow Dr Betty Raman is the lead researcher of a new study investigating a potential treatment for the fatigue and muscle weakness experienced by many patients who have recovered from COVID-19 but still suffer long-term effects from the virus.

Fatigue and muscle weakness are among the most commonly reported symptoms in long COVID patients. 

Dr Betty Raman comments on the new study:

           Long COVID is having a truly devastating impact on countless people around the world, leaving many with a sense of hopelessness. It is widely recognized that mitochondrial dysfunction may contribute to the profound fatigue associated with this condition. With no approved long COVID therapies, the need for continued innovation is urgent. I am pleased to be leading an investigation of AXA1125 to understand its potential to restore cellular energetics and address patients’ needs. 

The trial will be conducted at Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research, based at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Dr Betty Raman is a senior clinical research fellow with a special interest in advanced cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging approaches (oxygen-sensitive imaging, parametric mapping, spectroscopy, late gadolinium imaging). 

Her research is aimed at dissecting the pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie cardiovascular diseases with the help of CMR,  and at discovering novel imaging biomarkers to guide clinical treatment.

She is also the lead on the C-MORE study, which researches the prevalence and extent of persistent multi-organ damage in survivors of COVID-19.