College Welcomes New Students

intro talks  oct 2022 31 rs

The College welcomed over 250 new students this year. The start of Michaelmas Term 2022 included two weeks of events where freshers had the opportunity to meet other new students, get acquainted with the College, wider city, and settle into their new surroundings.  
Many events were hosted by the Student Representative Committee. Ranging from Library Drop-in Tours to Uncomfortable Oxford walking tours, a steady supply of tea and cake could be found in the Common Room and café to nibble on throughout the day. 

A Freshers’ Fair was held in College on Wednesday, 5 October. Several stalls were set-up including sports clubs, choir groups, and a table for purchasing St Cross merchandise. That afternoon, the Hall was filled with students to hear from key staff, the College doctor and counsellor during Introductory Talks.  

The next day, Oxford SU held the University Freshers’ Fair in University Parks, where St Cross students mingled with other Oxford students to learn about and join clubs and groups.  

During the Freshers’ Week, and the registration sessions, new students were warmly welcomed by Sharon, the Academic Registrar, and her team, Eamonn, the Admissions Administrator, and Sasha, the Academic Office Secretary. Sharon, Eamonn, and Sasha helped register and enrol new students on their programmes and will continue to support them throughout the student lifecycle.  

Diaries are quickly filling up with social activities, cultural events, and talks given by leading academics and prominent people from the UK and around the globe. This academic year is the first in two years without pandemic restrictions, and the College is working hard to provide students with as many events and opportunities as possible. 

Welcome to all our new students!