Alumna Marcia Favale Publishes Book on Kazakhstan Bank Restructure

maria favale

Alumna Marcia-Elizabeth C. Favale, aka Favale-Tarter, (EMBA, 2010) has published a new book: Risk, Recovery, and Empowerment: The Kazakhstan Bank Restructure Case Study. 

It is project management focused book, surrounding major financial programmes.  

"Marcia Favale managed to avoid the traps and status quo from the economic collapse that rocked the world when bailouts reigned,” writes Scott N. Zambelli, Managing Partner of Heritage Harbor Financial Associate.  

“Her intellectual vastness shines through in Risk, Recovery, and Empowerment, but I am most taken by her fearless leadership that drove an international benchmark. Sharing this case study in 2022 is no coincidence - it's urgently needed!"   

Before creating a tech startup (Blingby) and being awarded U.S. Patents, a Kazakhstan Patent, and Chinese Patents, Marcia had an illustrious career in finance. She was ranked by Institutional Investor Magazine in 2006 as the "Top Analyst for Emerging Market Corporate Bond Research". 

She was the senior advisor to the prime minister of Kazakhstan from 2009 to 2013 and the independent restructuring advisor to BTA Bank and Samruk-Kazyna, with her advisory firm ranked alongside UBS and Lazard as "CEE Restructuring Firm" by Euromoney Magazine in February 2010, amongst other accolades.   

In February 2009, trying to navigate the financial crisis, the government of Kazakhstan took a decisive step in restructuring its three banks.  

Kazakhstan rejected the bailout strategy and rejected a bad bank/good bank framework. Risk, Recovery, and Empowerment is a qualitative, investigative analysis, told by Marcia, a finance partitioner who devised and led the implementation of the over $30 billion Burden-Sharing Framework that became an international benchmark and redefined trade finance by introducing the term and analysis of 'true trade finance'.   

"Effective strategists always have the ability to set a vision, solve problems, and rise above prosaic matters-especially when real people, real economics are at stake,” writes former New York State Senator, David Carlucci. “What Favale accomplished is nothing short of brilliant."  

Marcia’s book is now available throughout retailers including Barnes and Noble and Amazon

Congratulations, Marcia, on your new book!