A Report on the Students Versus Fellows General Knowledge Quiz

This term's Students versus Fellows General Knowledge Quiz took place on Monday, 6th March in the fitting book-lined surroundings of the Ursell Room in Pusey House with the two teams continuing to pit their wits once again to win this year's trophy for the competition. In addition, Pusey House also fielded its own team for companiable fun.

The teams answered some challenging questions across several different subject rounds, as always ably devised by Lesley Sanderson, the former Master's PA. A number of tricky questions including those on tug o'war and monophobia stumped the teams across the rounds. The Students Team gained a head start and although the Fellows then
rallied across the subsequent rounds despite a reduced team this term, the Students Team continued to gain ground, finally winning with bonus points from two extra questions by 45 points to 34 points for the Fellows.

Father Mark Stafford, President of Common Room, once again acted as the Quiz Master with the two competition teams led by Galen Brown (Students) and Dr Jo Ashbourn (Fellows) respectively in a particularly entertaining evening - the challenge is back on for next term's tie-breaker competition!