A Report on the Students Versus Fellows General Knowledge Quiz

This term's Students versus Fellows General Knowledge Quiz took place on Monday, 28 November in the Hall, with the two teams continuing to pit their wits once again to win this year's trophy for the competition.

The two teams answered some challenging questions across several different subject rounds, as always ably devised by Lesley Sanderson, the former Master's PA. A number of thorny questions, including topics on tiddlywinks and on Oreos, stumped both teams across the rounds, although both teams scored full points in the popular Logos round. The Fellows team gained a strong head start in the early rounds before the Students team rallied in the later rounds, leading to a nail-biting finish at the end with two bonus questions that carried double points. 

As the match drew to its conclusion, the Fellows pipped the Students to the post to win by 57 points to 56 points.

Father Mark Stafford, President of Common Room, once again acted as the Quiz Master with the two teams each led by Caleb Klein (Students) and Dr Jo Ashbourn (Fellows) in a particularly convivial albeit competitive evening - the challenge is back on for next term!