2022 Research Presentation Prize Competition

On Thursday 3 March, the College held its annual Research Presentation Prize Competition over Zoom. Six students were shortlisted to present talks on their research to an audience of over 40 people with the added challenge of only being able to use three slides and needing to keep their talk under five minutes. The audience was treated to fascinating insights into a wide range of subject areas, from education to physics, anthropology to the medical sciences.

The speakers were:

Sam Jaques - Post-Quantum Security: At What Cost?
Nicole Law - Learning to Spell: What Can Help Us Achieve Better Spelling?
Sofia Mouchti - The Role of Body Fat Distribution on Chronic Diseases
Álvaro Martínez Pechero - Modelling Dust Formation in Fusion Energy Reactor
Mathilde Morin - Why Thinking Anthropologically About the World Matters
Gurpreet Bharj - Unravelling the Invisibility Cloak: Decoding Bacterial Acute Otitis Media

Once all the students had presented, the audience participated in a live online poll to select the talk they had enjoyed most, and Gurpreet Bharj was named the winner of the competition having garnered 58% of the audience vote.

The event, organised by Dr Jo Ashbourn, Senior Tutor (Academic Affairs & Programmes), was a dynamic showcase of students' research areas and achievements. There was a lively discussion following the talks with the topics inspiring a number of audience questions, and this second year of the Prize Competition has firmly established it as an annual fixture!