College Life


St Cross provides good-quality self-catering accommodation in central Oxford, either inside the College or within a few minutes' walk from it. (More accommodation details) For those students that the College is unable to offer accommodation to, advice and guidance will be given to help secure accommodation elsewhere.

The original site of the College on St Cross Road has also been developed jointly with Brasenose College to provide residential accommodation for 50 Brasenose graduate students in one building and 49 St Cross students in another building.

Social Life

Academic and social occasions such as College seminars, international suppers, barbecues, music evenings, film evenings, parties and the College Ball are held in the course of the year, please see the termly events calendar for further details. Guests of College members are welcomed at certain events, always check when booking.

Facilities for Study and Computing

At the main College site, there are two computer rooms which offer access to the College library, computer access, printing facilities and access to the University's library resources. At both the main site and at the annexe the computer rooms offer IBM-compatible computers (running MS-Office and other software) and peripherals. These are linked to the College's server and to the internet. Furthermore, WiFi internet access is now available across the majority of the Ground Floor and Lower Ground Floor at the Main site.


Although there is no exercise room in the College, all members of the College may use the University gym on Iffley Road. The College has also developed sporting links with other colleges and clubs in Oxford, through which College members may have access to gyms and facilities for tennis, rowing, punting, squash, badminton, and other activities. For more information, see the Sports section of this site.

College Choir

The College choir meets to sing informally as well as at College services. St Cross is not a religious foundation (despite its name) but like most colleges, occasional services are part of its corporate life.

Adviser System

Graduate students at Oxford do not have a college tutor, as undergraduates do; instead, they have an academic supervisor, who may be a member of any college within the University. To provide students with a senior member of their own college to turn to for advice and support, St Cross has a system of "College Advisers". Each new student is assigned to a "College Adviser" who will make himself or herself available when the student arrives, introduce him or her to college life and be on hand if there are any problems. Students coming from outside Oxford are also put in touch with one of the present students (as a "Junior Mentor"), to be available in the same way, as a source of practical advice. These arrangements exist for the new students' benefit and are entirely informal, to be used as much or as little as the student wishes.


The affairs of the College are administered by its Governing Body, of which most Fellows are members, and to which student representatives attend. The Head of the College, and Chairman of its Governing Body, is the Master. She is assisted by a Vice-Master. The overall day-to-day administration of the College is the responsibility of the Bursar. Other College Officers include a Senior Tutor, who deals with matters relating to students, Dean, and an Equality & Welfare Officer. The College Office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

College Doctor

The College has links with the Jericho Medical Centre , who act as a College Doctor and with whom members of the College may register for all general practitioner services. Members are free, if they prefer, to register with some other practitioner, but the College and University require them to make definite medical arrangements during their time in Oxford, and to inform the College of the arrangements made. Overseas students are subject from time to time to special government regulations regarding health care.

For more details of the College and its facilities, and of the administrative aspects of life as a student at St Cross, you may like to see the current edition of the College Members' Handbook.