Portrait of Richard (Dick) Cooper Repp

Richard (Dick) Cooper Repp,
MA, D.Phil (BA Williams College, Massachusetts) University Lecturer in Turkish History 1965-2003; Senior Proctor 1979; Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1994-2003: Master St Cross College, 1987-2003.

During his mastership the South Wing was built (1991-1993) and the Saugman Common Room opened; the St Cross Road building (the annexe) was built and opened (1996).

Juliet Wood painting Dick's portrait

The Commissioning Process. The portrait was commissioned by the College Governing Body advised by the Art Committee and completed in 2000 after 12 sittings. The cost was met by members of the College in response to an appeal. 

Edited extract from Derek Roe’s article in College Record 19, 2001.

“The actual decision to have a portrait painted was taken by Governing Body, which then remitted to the Arts Committee the task of recommending an artist; it subsequently accepted the Committee’s choice and formally commissioned the work. The cost was met by members of the College, in response to an appeal organised by the Vice-Master of the time. . .

“The Arts Committee consulted [several listed] sources and also took cost into account, before writing to several painters to invite submission of photographs of their recent work for it to consider. . . Four names were selected as a short-list. From these, Juliet Wood emerged as the Committee’s clear favourite . . .

“In due course, a selection of the photographs of these painters’ work was presented at a Governing Body meeting . . . [which] rapidly proved to be in favour of Juliet Wood: indeed the immediate appeal of her work, the way in which she uses colour, and the sense that one was looking at paintings of real people in characteristic natural poses, even if one did not happen to know them, all created a surge of genuine enthusiasm . . . We had shown work from the short-list to the Master himself and he too had liked Juliet Wood’s paintings best.  By a pleasing coincidence, she had been a pupil of Sir William Coldstream, painter of the Van Heyningen portrait.

After the basic details of the commission had been formally arranged, we decided to leave everything else, including the choice of background, to the artist and sitter.  He claims to have enjoyed the whole experience [of 12 sittings] and was certainly happy with the final result.”

The Artist

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