Abdalrhaman Koko

Abdalrhaman (Abdo) Koko

Junior Dean 


The Junior Dean can offer advice, help, and guidance to students.


Abdalrhaman (Abdo) is a DPhil scholar in Materials science. His research focuses on developing and validate novel experimental methods that look to the micromechanical behaviour of metals using techniques such as imaging, and electrons and X-rays diffraction and applying a plethora of numerical analysis methods. He is EPSRC funded, part of Oxford micromechanics Group (OMG), and tutors scientific computing in (both) materials and physics department. He is also involved in outreach programmes. 

Abdo is an engineer by training and has inspirations to move to the nuclear industry after completing his DPhil, specialising in (irradiation-induced) degradation of materials. His wider interests include (international) cinema and Formula 1.