Hardship Funds

In the event of a student facing unexpected hardship due to changes in circumstances, please contact the Bursary Administrator. The primary source of assistance will be one of three funds administered centrally by the University. Details of these can be found at: http://www.ox.ac.uk/students/fees-funding/assistance/hardship

These funds aim to assist students who are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties due to circumstances which could not have been predicted at the start of their course. The college does have a small Hardship fund of its own, but we ask students to fully explore the central university options first. In any event, students must demonstrate the following in their application:

  • How their financial situation has changed since their studies began
  • Why such changes are unexpected and could not have been predicted at the start of their course
  • What steps they are taking to find alternative funding.

Awards will not be made to:

  • Students who are not currently enrolled, including suspended and lapsed students
  • Non-matriculated students/students applying before the start of the course
  • Research students who have submitted
  • Students who do not appear to have a funding shortfall.


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