Scholarships, Visiting Fellowships and Prizes


HAPP MPhil Scholarship in the History of Science

St Cross College invites applications for a MPhil Scholarship in the History of Science from students who will begin studying at the University of Oxford in the academic year 2018-2019 for an MPhil in History of Science, Medicine and Technology. Applicants must list St Cross College as their first choice college on their Graduate Admissions application in order to be eligible to apply for this Scholarship - preference will be given to candidates with an interest in the history of physics for their MPhil dissertation topic.

Details of the Scholarship and how to apply are given here.


HAPP Visiting Fellowships at St Cross College

The Centre is able to offer one Visiting Fellowship per term, which is based at St Cross College and has a tenure of one term, to established academics/scholars coming to Oxford. Visiting Fellowships carry full membership of the College with use of all its facilities and Visiting Fellows are required to be based in Oxford for the term in which they hold the position.

When considering whether to apply, applicants are advised to assess the financial implications carefully. Each Visiting Fellowship carries no stipend or accommodation, but Visiting Fellows are entitled to free lunch daily in College as well as one Hall Dinner on Tuesdays weekly in term-time. You will need to budget an amount from your own income to cover all other meals, drinks and entertainment as well as research expenses, travel and other miscellaneous expenses.

Before applying, applicants must already have a personal invitation to hold visitor status at the University of Oxford in either the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Department of Physics or the Museum for the History of Science to carry out research on a topic in the history and philosophy of physics during the term in which they are applying as a HAPP Visiting Fellow.

Applicants should submit a CV, personal statement and research proposal in PDF format, and should ask their proposed Faculty or Department at Oxford to write in support of their application to the Director of HAPP by email to

The Visiting Fellowship competition is a rolling programme with the following deadlines prior to each term for this academic year:

5 pm on Friday 29th March 2019

5 pm on Friday 28th June 2019

The Michaelmas Term 2017 HAPP Visiting Fellow, Dr Filip Buyse gave a seminar entitled "Galileo's Microscopic and Telescopic Observations: Their Impact on How Bodies are Conceived" at 5 pm on Thursday 2nd November 2017. Please see details here.

HAPP Essay Prize in the History/Philosophy of Physics

The HAPP Essay Prize in the History/Philosophy of Physics is awarded for an outstanding essay produced by an undergraduate or Master's student in History, Philosophy or Physics at the University of Oxford on any topic in the history or philosophy of physics, and is an award of £250.

The prize is intended for an essay which is based around a short piece of formal work submitted for academic study at Oxford with a maximum of 3,000 words, although this should be rewritten to make the submitted essay accessible to non-specialist readers.

Submissions for the prize (one entry per applicant) with the word count given and details of the current undergraduate/Master's course included should be sent to the Director of HAPP by email to by Friday 31st May 2019.

The 2018 Prize was awarded to Manveer Sahota for his essay entitled "Painting the Correct Picture of Probability in Everettian Quantum Mechanics: Why Branch Counting is Untenable".

The 2017 Prize was awarded to Rebecca Charbonneau for her essay entitled "Intelligent Life in the Universe: The Influence of Cosmism in Mid-20th Century Astrophysics".