St Cross Flash Talks


The St Cross Flash Talk series is an informal avenue to learn about research being carried out by members of the College. Each session will feature 1 or 2 short talks (10-15mins), followed by lunch in hall with the speakers.

We encourage College members to volunteer to give talks for future sessions here. The College has kindly offered to cover the costs of lunch for any speakers.


Talks this term:

Monday 25 February, 11:45 - St Cross Room

Sean Sirur, Doctoral Student, St Cross and Dept. of Computer Science

Reputation Systems such as eBay's 5-star reviews attempt to instill a sense of trust between anonymous parties over a network. Such systems are subject to some lag in the propagation of this reputation, whether due to delay in the system itself or due to the failure of users to report their experiences. A malicious actor can attempt to exploit this delay for their gain. Here, examples of so-called "reputation lag attacks" and corresponding mitigations are explored alongside a light, easily accessible formalisation as a demonstration of formal methods in cyber security.

If you would like to attend lunch after the talk, please let us know here: (lunch payable at normal rate)