Funding Support

Prizes and Bursaries

The prizes and bursaries listed below are available to current students at St Cross.

Further additional funding can be sought from the Travel and Research Fund. Please see the guidelines (stated within the application form) for further details.  

A small number of College Exhibitions, comprising book tokens of £50 for each award, will be awarded annually to any student who has demonstrated particular academic excellence through the award of an external prestigious prize or similar recognition. This will normally have been reported by the student's supervisor in a termly GSS report or else directly.

The 2019 College Exhibition has been awarded to Margaret Moore following her winning the British Neuropsychological Society (BNS) Humphreys and Riddoch Prize in recognition of outstanding work in neuropsychology and presenting her work on neglect dyslexia at the BNS Autumn Meeting in London.

The 2018 College Exhibition was awarded to Ilija Rasovic following him winning the National Final of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) Young Persons' Lecture Competition for his talk ‘Making the World’s Most Expensive Material’ and then being awarded second place in the World Final in Australia.

The 2017 College Exhibition was awarded to Marco Pangallo following him winning the Herbert Simon Society Award for his paper on a taxonomy of learning dynamics in 2 x 2 games during the Society's international workshop.

The 2016 College Exhibition was awarded to Andre Hallack Miranda Pureza following him winning the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) Challenge on Liver Ultrasound Tracking with his team for the best performing method based on extensive data validation.

The 2015 College Exhibition was awarded to Marco Pimentel following him winning an international healthcare case competition at Warwick Business School with his teammates for their scalable model for a big data clinical neuroscience platform.

The 2014 College Exhibition was awarded to Charlotte Batchelor following her winning the international Edward Schillebeeckx Essay Prize and presenting her theology paper at an awards ceremony in the Netherlands.

See also: Scholarships for new students


Academic Travel/Research/Language Support Grants

All students at St Cross College may apply for Academic Travel/Research/ Language Support Grants of up to a maximum of £250 for every year up to three years of any course on which they are a student at the College (DPhil students may apply for a maximum of £500 in one application and 2-year Master's students may apply for a maximum of £375 in one application). The Travel and Research Fund has a maximum amount available each term, so applications are judged competitively and not all applications will be successful. Applications received for activities taking place more than 4 months after the application deadline will not be considered until the following gathered field.

Fast Tract (formerly OPAL) and General & Academic (formerly LASR) language funding support for international students:

For students undertaking the Fast Track Course as a requirement of their degree course (with a signature from their supervisor on the form) the College may provide a grant of up to 50% of the total course fees on successful completion of the course. Students wishing to be reimbursed for 50% of the course fees should make an application to the Travel and Research Fund in Michaelmas Term detailing that the language course is necessary for their course of study.

For students undertaking the General & Academic programme, the College may pay 50% of the registration charge with £40 per term; again students should apply through the Travel and Research Fund, also detailing that the language course is necessary for their course of study.

For further details, please contact the Academic Administrator


St Cross College Hardship Funds Guidance 2018-19


In the event of a student facing unexpected hardship due to changes in circumstances, please contact the Bursary Administrator. The primary source of assistance will be one of three funds administered centrally by the University. Details of these can be found at:

These funds aim to assist students who are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties due to circumstances which could not have been predicted at the start of their course. The college does have a small Hardship fund of its own, but we ask students to fully explore the central university options first. In any event, students must demonstrate the following in their application:

  • How their financial situation has changed since their studies began
  • Why such changes are unexpected and could not have been predicted at the start of their course
  • What steps they are taking to find alternative funding.


Awards will not be made to:

Students who are not currently enrolled, including suspended and lapsed students;

Non-matriculated students/students applying before the start of the course;

Research students who have submitted;

Students who do not appear to have a funding shortfall.

For further details, please contact the Bursary Administrator.