IT and Computing

IT Regulations

The St Cross IT regulations outline the rules for usage of computing and network equipment in all the places where St. Cross College provides computing facilities, network and/or Internet access. College members can access the University network using either

  • a College PC
  • a personal computer connected to the ethernet point available in their College room or
  • a laptop or other device connected to the wireless networks provided and/or maintained by the College.


Printing and photocopying at all College sites is charged at 5p/sheet (or side if printing double-sided). This will be charged to battels.

Colour printing is 25p per sheet/side where available. Scanning is free. Any queries or problems with printing should first be brought to the attention of the student IT assistants at

College PCs

The College PCs are connected to a central server that manages all the local workstations where the students can log in. If you want to use the computers, scanner or printers run by the College you must:

  1. Activate your University SSO (Single Sign On, also used for the University Nexus email system) account. You should normally receive an activation code for this, from It Services, the day after your University Card was issued. New students who have not received these details should first contact the IT Manager to see if their card had been issued. The IT Services Help Desk and the IT Manager could issue new activation codes if one was not received, was lost or had expired.
  2. Login directly on the College computers using your University SSO username and password.

N.B. Please do not try to save any data onto the local disk drive (C:\), but use the desktop or better the "My Documents" folder, storing files directly onto the College Student server. This allows you to use any PCs and still find your files. In addition, files stored on the server are backed up daily, so you could use this as a good means of keeping copies of your important work.

Ethernet connections in College accommodation

All rooms in the College main site, Annexe, 14 and 15 Wellington Square and 2 Bradmore Road are equipped with Ethernet points. Before you can connect your personal computer to these points, you must:

1. Sign and return a copy of the College IT regulations (download the PDF rules and form).

2. Set up an appointment with the College IT support staff and have your computer checked for

  • Operating system updates
  • Updated Antivirus software

Once your computer has been checked and updated, the IT Manager will register your computer for use in the College network.

N.B. No student is allowed to configure and use a personal computer on the College network without the IT Manager's approval. Further details are available on the Connecting your PC page. Appointments for IT consultations can be made by emailing the IT Support Assistants (

Wireless access

Wireless access is widely available in all College sites. A comprehensive guide to installing and using the main wireless networks at St Cross is available on the Wireless page.

Wireless Internet is also available at Stonemason House. Different, separate instructions apply for this network.

Backing up

The data on the College server is backed up daily. Please note that if you save to anywhere other than your desktop or your My Documents folder your work will NOT be backed up.

Please direct computer queries to the Student IT Assistants (