Courses and Academic Progress

Taught Courses

The Academic Office will distribute Exam Entry Forms to students on taught courses throughout the academic year as soon as they are received from the University. These will be placed in your pigeonholes for you to collect. You will be notified by email once an Exam Entry Form has been sent for you and you will be advised of the deadline to return these to the Academic Office. The University imposes a £40 charge for the late return of these forms which is payable by the student in question.


Research Students

Throughout your time at Oxford you will need to complete various Graduate Progression (GSO) Forms.

Before presenting any GSO forms to the College please ensure that both you and your supervisor have completed the relevant sections and signed the form.

GSO forms can only be signed by the Senior Tutor, Dr Jo Ashbourn, who is also the College’s Tutor for Graduates. The forms should be left with the Academic Office for her signature (there is no need to see Dr Ashbourn in person for signatures) and then left either in your pigeonhole or posted to the Director of Graduate Studies in your department for you. The Senior Tutor will endeavour to approve all forms as soon as possible, however please submit any form in good time before any deadline and allow at least 48 hours for it to be signed.

Most GSO forms require additional documentation (detailed in the notes for the ‘reason for request’ section of the form). Please ensure that these together with any medical notes if relevant are submitted with your GSO form to prevent any delays in your application being approved.

All GSO forms can be downloaded here.