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Michaelmas Term 2018: Week 1

Welcome to term, everyone!

Thanks to an enormous amount of work by the Student Representative Committee and staff, this year’s Freshers have arrived, been enrolled, and offered a fortnight of activities to welcome them to Oxford. I am so grateful and impressed by the good humour and creativity which goes into making our Freshers’ Fortnight special.

Master's Blog: Trinity 2018 Week 0

Trinity Term: the weather is definitely better now!

Although the break saw rather a lot of rain – not just in the UK – I hope everyone had a chance to recharge their batteries. We now seem to have swept straight past spring and into summer – juggling has been spotted in the front quad!

So what has been happening?

Alumni in America

Hilary Term 2018

Another term done: and what a few weeks it’s been. We’ve had snow, a Royal visitor, and the Oxford Literary Festival and, as the clocks have gone forward, spring might just have arrived.

Firstly: snow! The best kind of snow – it fell quickly, generally speaking did not freeze into dangerous sheets of ice, and then vanished very quickly. Oxford looks particularly beautiful in the snow, not least our open spaces: and Rosie loves it!

Hilary Term 2018: Week 4


It’s hard to believe that we are already in Week 4. Hilary is galloping by and I need to get back into the groove of blogging.

An enjoyable few days in Geneva before Christmas allowed me to experience the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and to meet up with Josep and Tina, two St Cross alumni based in Switzerland. It was good to be able to put them in touch with one another - we had such an enjoyable lunch that I completely forgot to take pictures!