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Michaelmas Term 2017: Week 5

Week 5


Week 5 already: the pace of meetings is picking up – and the Hall is still wonderfully crowded at lunch time.

College events

We have had our first Special Dinners of the term, which are extremely popular and quickly fill up when booking opens online at the beginning of term. Top tip: it’s well worth joining the waiting list, as places often become available closer to the time.

Michaelmas Term 2017: Week 2

Michaelmas Term 2017

Week 2

Here we are: well into Michaelmas and beginning to find the rhythm of the new academic year. I hope to blog at least fortnightly this term, so do let me know what you would like me to cover. Traditionally there will be something about College itself, the University, wider Oxford, my Trustee roles and Home (which usually means the animals!).


The Master's Blog: 7th Week TT17


This blog is (almost) an election-free zone. So much has been happening in and around College that it is hard to know where to start!


The garden has flourished in the wet, warm weather and is in full bloom. It was good to welcome Student Representative Committee members for tea and to be able to sit outside. This is our first summer here, so we are still discovering new plants as they emerge.

The Master's Blog: 4th Week, TT17

Week 4 TT17

It seems we may need to wait for the glorious English summer that I mentioned in the last blog – but the gardens of Oxford and beyond are undoubtedly grateful for a little rain.


Continuing the occasional series ‘Rosie visits’, we introduced her to Boars Hill recently, which met with her whole-hearted approval.

Week 8


Hilary Term – nearly over? How did that happen? Life in and around college has been so full, I haven’t written a general blog for quite some time.  My apologies: next term I will try harder.

But now it’s spring and it’s hard to know where to start, as there is so much energy throughout the College.

The West Quad

In January the Library spaces were made available to students for study – the books will be moved across on 20th/21st of this month. 

Fred's Blog

This is not my usual sort of blog. It is both more personal and more important than my light-hearted – and very sporadic – comments on a Master’s life.

This is a reflection on the difference that an individual of determination, warmth and integrity can make to the lives of those around them. 

The Master's Blog: 0th Week

Welcome to 2017! 

It was lovely to have time with friends and family over the holiday period. Lots of long walks to counter-act the quantities of excellent food and the chance to really catch up with people we don’t see so often during the rest of the year. And now we are back and ready for Hilary term.