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The Master's Christmas Blog



There’s a Christmas tree at No 10 and we’re looking forward to welcoming friends over the holiday period. Rosie absolutely refuses to wear the very beautiful Santa hat we bought for her.


Although the weekend of 3/4 December saw the streets of Oxford lined with parental cars taking undergraduate students home for Xmas, College continued to be the usual hive of activity. Many people are staying here for the holidays and looking forward to an Oxford Christmas.

The Master's Blog: Week Eight


The weather has turned: blue skies still but the temperature has dropped. Week 8 and we have to admit that summer is behind us and winter has set in. But that’s OK, because winter brings hearty meals, crisp walks and holidays.


Rosie has decided that Port Meadow is the best place in the whole world – but doesn’t stay still long enough to be photographed: so here’s an image from the end of a Sunday walk.

The Master's Blog: Week Five

Halfway point: Michaelmas 2016

Week 5: and more than halfway through the first term of the year. More firsts and much more to look forward to. Some highlights:


The trees in Wellington Square are really shedding their leaves now. Rosie wants to bring as many as possible home with her: