Offer Holders Update - 31 July

New Students Website
Webinars with Staff

New Students Website
Today we launched a new section of our website, especially for you. Our ‘Information for Offer Holders’ pages will be available at These pages have information on tasks to complete before you arrive, information you'll need, resources you can use, upcoming events, and a log of past emails from us. In particular, if you are planning on living in College accommodation, we advise you to read the information we've provided here. These pages will be updated with new information throughout August and September, to help answer your questions and to prepare you for your arrival, so please check this regularly.

Please note that, independently of the information and tasks you receive from St Cross College, you may also receive information and tasklists from your division, department, and the University. We want to ensure that you are fully prepared to join St Cross in a few months’ time, so please keep up to date with all updates from us, the University, and your department. If you are stuck and need assistance, please feel free to reach out at

Webinars with Staff
As mentioned last week, we are also holding a number of webinars for you to join, meet College members, and answer your questions. The first set of these webinars will be with College staff members and will take place on on Wednesday 5th August at 9am BST and Thursday 6th August at 5pm BST. You are invited to ask questions and hear updates on your arrival, the induction process, and actions to take before you arrive. Information on how to book these webinars should have been sent to you. 

In early September, you will have an opportunity to join a webinar with some of our current students, learn more about life at St Cross, prepare yourself term. Details of this student webinar will be sent to you in the coming weeks.

Please be aware that there are also University Q&A sessions taking place in the coming weeks. You can register for and find more information on these here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
With best wishes,
Sharon Durno
Academic Administrator