Offer Holders Update - 21 August

Hello to each of you,

I hope that you are well and that your preparations to begin your life here at St Cross College are progressing smoothly. As your arrival in Oxford approaches, we want to be prepared to offer you whatever support we can. To help us do this, we've prepared a very short survey about your arrival that we strongly encourage you to take here (it should take less than five minutes; please note that the link in the original email was incorrect. It has been updated here).

Additionally, we want to remind you of a few resources you can use as you prepare for your studies. First, the University has provided a document outlining the IT hardware and software you are likely to need during your course. You can access it here. Second, we have several documents related to your health and medical care during the course of your studies:

Please review each of these documents thoroughly before you relocate to ensure that you are fully prepared for your life here. Additional resources will start to be provided from the University next week.
Please remember to reach out to us if anything is unclear and to continue to familiarise yourself with the ongoing updates to the Information for New Students pages. We are very much looking forward to your arrival here and hope you feel fully confident about what you can do now to prepare.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
With best wishes,
Sharon Durno
Academic Administrator