Master's Update 7 August 2020

Dear All,
The sun is shining here today in Oxford, and we’re expecting a rather hot few days. For those of you here, make the most of it: the British summer is notoriously variable, and you never know when the cooler, autumnal weather may arrive! Next week I will be away, taking a much needed break and holiday. I am encouraging all our staff members to do the same in the coming weeks, to make sure that we are all ready for the challenges and opportunities that the academic year ahead will bring. The University is encouraging staff to take a long weekend at the end of August and most staff will not be working on Friday 28th August, in addition to bank holiday on Monday 31st August. I do hope you have an opportunity to do the same and that you are able to take a break from work, and spend a few days recharging for the months ahead.
Planning is now well underway for the start of next academic year. The University has updated its website for current students and more information will be added as we get closer to the start of term – do use this as a point of reference if you’ve got questions and queries. This week we’ve ran two webinars for our incoming students to help answer their questions about coming to Oxford and joining the St Cross community. We know that you too will have questions about the new academic year and what life will be like in College. There will be changes including: a booking system for College lunches, one-way systems in College, and we’ll be following University guidance on the use and wearing of face-coverings.
We will be in touch with you to tell you more about these changes in the coming weeks. Of course, UK Government restrictions continue to change but at the moment we know that many of you may need to quarantine if you are travelling back to the UK. If you have a room in St Cross accommodation for next academic year, tenancy agreements start on 28th September. If you wish to move into your room before this date, please contact our Accommodation Office and Lara will advise you on availability. You may find the pages that we have prepared for Offer Holders helpful.

I’d also like to thank your outgoing SRC Committee. It has been wonderful to work with such a committed and dedicated team, who have provided great leadership and overcome challenges that no one could have envisaged at the beginning of the year. I am delighted to see that a new committee had been elected, and we all look forward to working with your new committee.
I wish you all a good couple of week and look forward to sharing further updates with you later this month.

With best wishes,



Carole Souter