College Update: 26 August 2020

St Cross News and Events

August is drawing to a close, and beginning in September, new students will begin arriving in Oxford. As College spaces open up once again, we encourage you to read and follow the College's guidelines for COVID-19, which are available here. Additionally, we recommend that all students familiarise themselves with the latest edition of the University Handbook, which is available here. In particular, the University has outlined a list of key updates this year, which you can read here.

As always, we hope you enjoy the following collection of College news and events.

News and Updates...

St Cross Vice-Master Andrew Pollard has announced that there is some chance that the Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine could be ready to be put before regulators by the end of the year. One recent volunteer for the study is none other than Andrew Lloyd Weber!

St Cross DPhil student Boon Lim is part of a team that has received an RAE President's Special Award for their work creating rapid coronavirus detection kits.

St Cross Fellow Professor Sibel Erduran is leading a new project funded by European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme. Project FEDORA (Future-oriented Science EDucation to enhance Responsibility and engagement in the society of Acceleration and uncertainty) aims to encourage public scientific and technological literacy.

St Cross Member of Common Room James Pettifer wrote the forewords to two new books on Albanian history: Somewhere Near to History: The Wartime Diaries of Reginald Hibbert, SOE Officer in Albania, 1943-1944 and Nobody’s Kingdom: A History of Northern Albania.

St Cross Meeting Minds Global: Saturday 12 September

Join St Cross leaders, fellows, and alumni, including Carole Souter and Andy Pollard, for virtual discussions, lectures, and more. Details and booking here.