College Update: 12 August 2020

St Cross News and Events

Michaelmas term starts in two months! Our College members have kept busy during the long vacation; here are some updates of many of their achievements.

News and Updates...

St Cross Fellow Professor Dan Hicks has published a new book The Brutish Museums:
The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution
 which deals with the story of the Benin Bronzes, their removal from Nigeria, and the museums and collections that currently possess them.

St Cross Fellow Professor Marina Jirotka was highly commended in the Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Awards for her project Putting Out Digital Wildfires Before They Take Hold, which looks into how 'widlfires' of misinformation spread online.

St Cross Emeritus Fellow Professor George Smith has been awarded the Royal Society Armourers & Brasiers' Company Prize for his pioneering work developing the three-dimensional atom probe.

An abbreviated version of St Cross Fellow Professor Emilie Savage-Smith's translation of A Literary History of Medicine by the Syrian physician Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿah (d. 1270) has been published by Oxford University Press. Anecdotes and Antidotes A Medieval Arabic History of Physicians. A New Translation is available now.

St Cross Fellow Professor Rana Mitter has published a new report with the British Foreign Policy Group calling for a new strategic framework in the UK’s relations with China. Read it here. He will also be presenting at Meeting Minds Global in September (more information below).

St Cross Fellow Professor Julian Savulescu has written about the ethics and practicality of vaccine distribution. Read what he had to say here.

St Cross Fellow Professor Sibel Erduran has written a number of articles on how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for improved science education. Read 'Practical science and pandemics', 'Science Education in the Era of a Pandemic', and 'Bringing Nuance to “the Science” in Public Policy and Science Understanding'.

The College would like to thank everyone who donated to 'Singing for Syrians' as part of last year's Carol Service. The charity has notified us that we raised £747.

Save the Date: St Cross Meeting Minds Global

Join us on Saturday 12th September 2020 for St Cross Meeting Minds Global, our online virtual event. This year we are bringing highlights from St Cross College directly to your homes! We have some fascinating talks lined up; watch this space for additional details on how to join.