Leaving a Legacy to St Cross

The Legacy of Learning - Remembering St Cross

St Cross has already come a long way from the Wooden Hut on St Cross Road to the fine buildings we now occupy on St Giles'. Every step in the development of the College has been made possible by generous unrestricted legacies. Legacies which have made it possible to create a thriving community with a large, distinguished and diverse Fellowship and more than five hundred students from all around the world.

St Cross is one of the smaller graduate colleges at Oxford, with one of the smallest endowments (less than £8m). To all intents and purposes we operate as a College with a governing body, however, we are still a department of the University. This is the primary reason for asking you today to consider making or changing your Will to benefit the endowment of St Cross. Our aim is to become independent but we have some way to go before the College can be eligible for Royal Charter status.

A legacy to our endowment is possible in a number of ways including giving assets, such as property, shares, and works of art. The College secures the best possible advice when disposing of assets, to obtain best value and financial efficiency. 

Your legacies are your way of showing what is important to you in life. By remembering St Cross in this way, you join many others who have really made a difference and helped the College to fulfil its promise to become one of the best graduate Colleges at Oxford with the best facilities, attracting the best students regardless of their financial situation.

To secure the College's future and independence we need to build our endowment. If you would prefer your gift to be used for a specific purpose, perhaps for a Fellowship or student bursaries, we should be happy to discuss your plans to ensure that your wishes are carried out. All legacies, large and small, really do make a difference. Any amount you are able to leave would be gratefully received.