Clare Hall Exchange Lecture and Dinner, March 2018


On Friday 16 March 2018 St Cross Fellows travelled to our sister college in Cambridge, Clare Hall, in the first of what is hoped to be a long-standing tradition of exchanges between the two colleges.

Fellows were invited to attend a talk given by Clare Hall Professorial Fellow and Professor of Architecture Alan Short, on "The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture", an interdisciplinary discussion of past and present concerns with the ecology of building in an age of climate change and resource depletion. A lively Q&A and discussion continued into a drinks reception, before everyone went into dinner in the West Court (quads in Cambridge are called courts - so it was fitting to be dining in their "West Quad").

It was an opportunity for St Cross Fellows to meet their counterparts at Clare Hall and make connections - and we are already looking forward to hosting the Clare Hall contingent next year.

St Cross and Clare Hall have a reciprocal arrangement offering benefits to members of each college. St Cross members visiting Cambridge are able to enjoy guest accommodation and dining rights at appropriate member rates, attend social functions within Clare Hall, and become Members of Common Room for up to ten days without paying subscription. Further details are here.

Clare Hall

Ella Bedrock 

Wednesday 11 April 2018