The College Archive

What does the College Archive contain?

  1. The College's administrative papers, including sets of the minutes of meetings of the Governing Body and College committees, letters and reports; also the admission of students, scholarships, fellowships, etc.

  2. Personal papers, containing documents relating to college, given by the Founding Master, and by various former fellows, including Prof. Richard Freeborn and Prof. David Dick (these last named donations being recorded in the St. Cross College Record, 8 (1988), ps. 31-3).

  3. Ephemera, including photographs, notices, memoirs, letters, and even video material, covering all aspects of college life, from the formal (for example, lectures and dinners) to the informal (parties, social and sporting events).

How can members contribute to the Archive?

As one would expect, the Archive is particularly strong in (1), but is always keen to acquire new material in (2) and, especially, in (3), since it is the ephemeral items which not only add the 'colour' to the 'black and white' picture presented by the official college documents, but are also the most likely to be lost or destroyed. So, if you are clearing out your attic, or your study, and find anything which you may feel to be relevant to St. Cross, please think of the College Archive, before putting it in the dustbin!

College Archivist
Professor Emilie Savage-Smith
01865 278481