Bradmore Road

2 Bradmore Road, OX2 6QN

The Bradmore Road house has 8 single study bedrooms, between categories 1 and 4.


Tenancy Length:

All tenancy periods begin on Monday 23 September 2019. The tenancy agreement for Bradmore Road is 44 weeks ending Monday 27 July 2020.


This house is located in a lovely quiet residential area of Oxford. Less than a ten minute walk to the College site, and 15 minutes' walk to the city centre, the house is also very near to the University Parks.


All rooms were refurbished in 2009 with the following items:

Single bed; desk; desk chair; easy chair; book shelves; bedside cabinet; wardrobe; waste paper bin; desk lamp; wash basin. The kitchen is large with a dining table, and has an attractive outlook on to the garden.

Bathrooms and Kitchens:

Two bathrooms and a kitchen are shared between all residents of the house. The kitchen is equipped with all electrical goods, but crockery and cutlery are not provided.


These rooms are connected to the College and University networks via an Ethernet link.

Flat for Couples

A flat with its own entrance is also available for couples in this house, consisting of a double bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom. 



Here's what previous students have to say about their room:  

"My room in Bradmore Road is a cosy room under the roof. Even though it is small, furniture makes it really comfortable: it has two big wardrobes, two chests of drawers, a desk and wood table under the window. The room has a washbasin, which is very useful and allows you privacy. Through the window you have a

lovely view of the quiet neighborhood. The house has two shared bathrooms and a big kitchen which provides space for everyone." 

Maria, 3rd year DPhil, Category 2


"Bradmore House has a fantastic atmosphere, ideal for studying or simply relaxing. Though they vary in size from each other, the rooms here are all quite large (especially by UK standards!). One never feels cramped or claustrophobic, and set amidst a particularly peaceful backdrop in the evening, the rooms provide a great environment for studying (with plenty of space to spread out all books and study materials). 

The rooms are staggered over a couple floors, but with a common kitchen, you get to know your flatmates quickly. (And you do become quite close with your flatmates, who are always willing to lend a hand with dinner and/or always willing to lend a bike/jacket/mobile for the ride to the main site after you've locked yourself out of your room at a particularly late hour in the evening). It can get a tad loud in the morning/midday--our house is situated close to one of the University's childcare centers--but it's an overall very nice, very peaceful place to live."

Kelsey, Masters degree